Customize your Diesel with
Whatever Look or Functionality You Want

There are countless ways to modify your diesel truck’s exterior either to enhance its style or boost its functionality – or both

Wheel and tire upgrades, for example – bigger tires not only give your truck an aggressive look; they also increase your off-road capabilities for work or play. And that ties in with a lift or lowering kit to give your truck the stance you desire.

Our tire machine and balancer can handle everything from off
road tires to low-profile street tires.

With all the deer wandering New Jersey roads, you might want aftermarket bumpers to decrease the chance of body damage from hitting one – aftermarket bumpers are much stronger, and are designed to handle hits from deer or heavy brush.

Black Smoke Industries in Clinton, New Jersey, can also install a winch that can pull you out if you’re ever stuck in the mud or in a tight situation.

Aftermarket lighting not only looks good and increases your vehicle’s presence; it can also augment or improve your night vision. Some Black Smoke Industries customers do aesthetic lighting, but much of what we do is install additional headlights or reverse lights/work lights for greater visibility when you’re working.

We also install airbag systems, or air suspension systems, to increase the load-handling capacity of your vehicle for when you’re towing trailers or carrying heavy loads in the bed of your truck.

Popular brands that Black Smoke Industries carries for upgrades to your diesel truck’s exterior include: