Expert Solutions for Boosting Power and Performance

Do you race your diesel, compete in pulling competitions, or just want your truck to be a little more powerful? Do you need to tow a trailer or want to run a little faster on the street to impress friends and neighbors? Whatever your wishes, Black Smoke Industries in Clinton, New Jersey, has the expertise to equip your truck for the personal enjoyment you’ll derive from peak performance. Our goal is to help you get more life and more work out of your diesel.

With our many years of experience working on Ford, Dodge and GMC/Chevy diesels, we’re intimately acquainted with the characteristics of each and know well what each engine needs to achieve optimal performance. There are many things we can do to improve engine performance in general, and specific additions we know to make to fine-tune performance in each diesel model.

Any engine increases power with more fuel and more air. The way you do that varies, but the more fuel and air, the more power you make. At Black Smoke Industries, we can help you achieve peak performance by installing larger injectors and upgrading turbo chargers to increase fuel and air delivery, which in turn increases your truck’s power.

Bulletproof Your Diesel

Here are some specific performance improvements
Black Smoke Industries can make to bulletproof your diesel:

Increasing your mileage…

…and extending the life of your diesel fuel system by installing a new fuel air separation system.  FASS is actually a combination of diesel lift pump and fuel filtration system.  Additional fuel filtration helps remove contaminants and water for longer diesel injector and engine life, and removing air from the system improves your truck’s fuel mileage and performance.

Replacing your head gaskets

As your truck’s power and cylinder pressure increase, the chance of a head gasket failure also increases. So we replace your head gaskets, taking extra care to machine the cylinder heads back to factory specs.


Black Smoke Industries can boost your horsepower by adding larger injectors and turbos.

Installing arp head studs…

…which have a higher clamping force than the factory bolts, minimizing the possibility of future head gasket issues. ARP (Automotive Racing Products) has built a reputation for its high-strength, high-quality studs and other fasterners.


For very high performance, cylinder head o-ringing provides additional head gasket security and protection.

Black smoke industries can…

…replace your factory-installed clutch, or build you a new built transmission.

Custom-Tuning for Power, Longevity

To unlock your diesel truck’s full potential, we’ll custom-tune your engine and tailor the power settings to your driving application. Whether you want a tow setting, a race setting, or an economy or sport setting, our expert mechanics can custom-tune the computer that controls how your engine performs.

OEM Performance Parts: 
Sales and Installations

At our drive-in shop in Clinton, New Jersey, Black Smoke Industries sells and installs top-quality OEM performance parts, including:

·   Engine parts – turbos, injectors, fuel pumps, EGR coolers, head gaskets, head studs, etc.
Fuel systems – Air Dogs, FASS Fuel Systems, etc.
Tuner/programmer installations and updates
Exhaust systems
Intake systems
·    Transmission building and installation
Engine building, installation, and machine work

6.0 Ford Powerstroke Bulletproofing

Look no further for bulletproofing your Ford Powerstroke — bulletproofing is our specialty at Black Smoke Industires.

These are examples of the bulletproofing packages we offer for the 6.0 Ford Powerstoke. Note that package prices will vary depending on the year of truck, previous repairs, and other worn/damaged parts. Call us at 908-500-7347 for an estimate on your truck. 

6.0 EGR Packages

Stage I

·  Bulletproof EGR cooler
·  New Ford Gold Coolant

Stage II

·  Bulletproof EGR cooler
·  Ford OEM oil cooler 
·  New Ford Gold Coolant
·  SCT 7015 programmer 

Stage III

·  Everything included in Stage II
·  Ford Blue Spring Fuel Pressure Regulator Update Kit
·  Ford Updated STC fitting
·  Ford Turbo oil feed line
·  Ford Turbo oil drain tube
·  Disassemble and clean turbo charger carbon deposits and clean unison ring
·  Coolant flush to Ford specification with VC-9
·  Coolant filtration system
·  Reflash computer systems to latest Ford calibrations

6.0 Gasket Packages

There are some pricing variations depending on the year of truck, previous repairs, and other worn/damaged parts. 

Stage I

·  Ford OEM upper gasket set
·  ARP head studs
·  Bulletproof EGR cooler
·  Machine work – check/deck/clean cylinder heads
·  15W-40 oil change with Motorcraft filter
·  New Ford Gold Coolant

Stage II

·   Everything included in Stage I
·   Ford Blue Spring fuel pressure regulator update kit
·   Ford updated dummy plugs
·   Ford updated stand pipes
·   Ford updated STC fitting
·   Ford Turbo oil feed line
·   Ford Turbo oil drain tube
·   Ford OEM oil cooler
·   Disassemble and clean turbo charger carbon deposits and clean unison ring

Stage III

·   Everything included in Stages I and II
·   Coolant flush to Ford specification with VC-9
·   Coolant filtration system
·   Clean/machine intake manifold to remove carbon
·   4″ exhaust system
·   Reflash computer systems to latest Ford calibrations